I rarely blog about sports, ok I rarely blog period, I know. Tonight I watched the Affliction: Banned MMA fight with Fedor Vs. Tim Sylvia. I’m a big MMA fan, you wouldn’t know it by reading my blog though.

If there was any doubt by anyone in the world that Fedor is not the greatest MMA fighter of all time, tonights fight shut up all the skeptics. He took down Tim Sylvia standing up with several punches to the head, then used a Rear Naked Choke hold to win the fight. All in 36 seconds.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

You read me correctly, 36 SECONDS!

Let’s not forget Sylvia was a former 2 time UFC heavyweight champion. He’s not just your average ho-hum fighter. Fedor didn’t even break a sweat. In fact, he didn’t even look excited he won. I suspect, and this is just my personal opinion, that when he was throwing punches at Sylvia, Fedor was thinking about the resturant he wanted to take his wife too. Once he got to the choke hold, he was debating between Steak or Chicken.

Honestly, it’s like Fedor doesn’t even have to try. Did anyone see him playing poker with his training staff during the opening fights! Normal people like you and I walk out side to our cars, or take a piss in the toilet, and don’t think anything of it, its just another day. Fedor walks into the ring with 200+ pound guys and thinks nothing of it, its just like getting into his car or taking a piss. It’s all part of the average day.

I know, I sound like a fan boy, I don’t care. What he did tonight was truly inspiring. For all those who want to see Fedor lose, your day will come … maybe. Even the best fighters get old, or lose the fire inside them. The good fighters know when to quit while on top. Others (ie. Mike Tyson) seem to be too caught up in there celebrity to realize this.

I think Fedor will continue to dominate until the day he knows he can no longer compete like he does now, and will retire while on top. However, I suspect we won’t be seeing that happen for many many years.

Anyone sitting on edge for the future Fedor vs. Randy Couture fight!?