Today I reached a new milestone! I now weigh a weight which I have not carried in over 4 years (when I started packing on the pounds). I know I said I would not reveal what my initial weight was until I accomplished my goal, however I will give you some insight. Tuesday evening when I weighed myself I scaled in at a hefty 205lbs. This morning when I woke up I scaled in at 200lbs even! Thats not the best part though. After seeing how close I was to breaking the 200lb mark, I went running 2 miles. When I came back I weighed 199lbs. Granted I probably just lost 1lb of water weight, but regardless, I am now under 200lbs, something I haven’t been in almost 4 years. If you have been following my progress you will probably get a good idea of what I weighed before I decided it was time to get back in shape.

Now with all that said, I still have a ways to go before accomplishing my goal of 5% body fat, however I figure if I keep up the pace I’m at, by mid-September I should accomplish it.