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It’s been 1 week since my nose surgery. I went to the doctor today for the 1 week checkup, and get the packing out of my nose, and stitching cut. There is a big improvment, and I feel 95% better, though things are still a little sore. Anyway, it was totally worth the 1 week of pain.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Thats all for now.

phpCrypt version 0.4 was released late last night. It includes support for the 3-Way cipher. Another big addition is support for secure random number generation on Windows using the Microsoft’s CAPICOM SDK. This will create Initialization Vectors which are more secure than in previous releases on the Windows platform. Prior to version 0.4 Windows users had to rely on PHP’s mt_rand() function for random numbers. View the README file included with phpCrypt for more information.

In addition, several bug fixes and minor speed improvements were made to the library. This version is still considered ‘experimental’ and is not ready for production.

I’m considering freezing this version for a while, and let feedback roll in so I can address issues and implement feature requests.

After many months (technically years) of working on phpCrypt, I am finally happy to announce a Beta version of phpCrypt is finally ready for the public. phpCrypt is an Open Source PHP Encryption library that does not require or use any external PHP modules. phpCrypt does not use mCrypt or OpenSSL PHP modules. phpCrypt was written from scratch using freely available resources online and in books, to help me better understand and learn encryption. It’s not as fast as the mCrypt module because phpCrypt is written in PHP, however if you are in a situation where you can not use the mCrypt library phpCrypt should be a suitable alternative.

phpCrypt aims to support every major encryption cipher, as well as major encryption modes. Also included are some older, historic encryption ciphers, which I implemented when I was bored.

Please note that this release is a beta release. I have not had the chance to test it thoroughly, so I am hoping others will give phpCrypt a shot, and report back what you think. The project is under active development, and I will respond to bug fixes as soon as possible.

Visit the phpCrypt website for more information, and to download the library

Today, I have finally released the first version of Socialite, a WordPress plugin to publish WordPress posts to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This first version is very much beta. It’s only been tested on Wordprss 2.7, though I think it will work on all versions starting with Version 2.3.

This plugin hasn’t been tested to heavily, so please notify me if you encounter any problems, and I’ll continue to work to get this to a stable version of 1.0.

Go download it now!