1998 Dodge Viper Turn Signal & Hazard Flasher Module

The OEM Chrysler Turn Signal & Hazard Flasher Module

The turn signals and hazard lights quit working on my 1998 Dodge Viper recently. Following the directions in the service manual to diagnose the problem, I discovered it was the Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher module located where the fuse box is under the steering wheel. Unfortunately, you have to pull the whole dash panel off under the steering wheel to get to this module as it is not accessible from just removing the fuse box panel cover. Thankfully it’s only about 5 or 6 screws you have to remove and the whole dash panel comes off.

I looked around for a replacement Turn Signal  / Hazard Flasher module, and all I could find were very expensive MOPAR / Chrysler replacements. The part number of the Chrysler Flasher Module is 56007098 and they range anywhere from $30 – $45 on eBay and other online sites. I figured there had to be a cheaper module available that was a reproduction brand from another company, after all I was certain this Flasher module would be used in other Chrysler & Dodge cars as well.

Sure enough after some searching by a determined employee at Advanced Auto Parts, we found a replacement module made by Novita (Part number EP27), and cost only $15.99. It is a 5 terminal, 11-15v DC flasher module. I just installed it an my turn signals are working once again on my Dodge Viper.