Recently I’ve become tired of the default KDE start menu button that comes with Mandriva 2007.1. It’s HUGE and ugly:
The default KDE start menu icon

After doing some research, here is how you can change the icon displayed for your KDE start menu (these directions should work for just about any distro using KDE with a few minor differences).

Edit or create the file ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc adding the following to the file:


The KMenuButtonScale option can be set to true if you want the image to fill the entire space allocated for the button, you may want to test this.
The KMenuIcon is the name of the icon you want to use, in Mandrvia 2007.1 the icons are stored in /usr/share/icons/[theme you are using]. Note you do not put the file extension in, in the example above, the image name is kmenu.png, but I only enter kmenu, KDE can figure out the rest 🙂

Once you have edited this file run the command dcop kicker kicker restart, this will restart the kicker bar at the bottom. On my installation, this restarted the kicker panel, but it was froze, so I had to also run the command:
killall -KILL kicker
followed by running the command

Note that these directions will only change it for the current user. If you want to change it for all users, you will have to edit one of the following KDE files under Mandriva:
* /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/free/share/config/kickerrc
* /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/one/share/config/kickerrc
* /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/discovery/share/config/kickerrc
* /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/powerpack/share/config/kickerrc
* /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/powerpackplus/share/config/kickerrc

Other distributions will have these files in other locations.