I have a delimma, one that has been tormenting me for a while now. I can’t seem to come to a resolution on my own, so I’ve decided to come to you, my fan base (a very small fan base, I know, but a fan base none the less) to help me make a very important decision in my life.

Here’s the delimma.

I have 2 cars I love and work on, a 1998 Dodge Viper, and a 1972 Pontiac GTO. I only have time and money to work on 1 at a time. I can not decide which to work on first. Every day that passes I change my mind about this. I will be setting up a poll shortly and let you, the reader and official member of the AskRyan.com fan base, decide for me which car gets tender loving care first.

You are probably asking yourself ‘why do I care?’ The truth is, I realize you probably don’t and I’d be surprised if I got more than 0 responses. However I’m going to do it anyway and you are going to like it.