I was reading Slashdot a minute ago, and there was an ‘Ask Slashdot’ post from a guy having a hard time finding a Linux application that can properly rip a DVD into other formats. It seems a lot of Linux DVD ripping apps are finicky and buggy and never work quite right (or don’t work a all).

This is something I fought for a while until I discovered a very simple solution, K3b. K3b is a KDE based DVD and CD burning application, but it also has the ability to Rip DVD’s to AVI. You can select which titles you want to rip or encode and let K3b do its job. When it’s done you’ll have a nice little AVI to do what ever you want with.

I use this method strictly for making backups of my personal DVD’s so the originals don’t get lost or scratched up. Remember, sharing copyrighted DVD’s with others is illegal 🙂

Your Linux distribution probably comes with K3b, but if not you can get it at: http://k3b.plainblack.com/