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August 7th, 2006 No Comments

I would like to announce my latest project, ready for public testing – phpCrypt. phpCrypt is an open source encryption library written purely in PHP. Please view the phpCrypt page for more information

Looking for the Socialite WordPress Plugin?


Below is a few programs and bits of code I’ve written over the years. I put it on my site for anyone to download, maybe you’ll find it useful. Most of the C/C++ stuff was written for Linux.


AFWS – AFWS (Another Free Web Server) is an HTTP Server. Prior to version 0.5 it was named Dingo. Version 0.5 offers many updates and bug fixes. It’s not perfect, and is still not suitable for a production web server. I wrote it for fun, and as a simple Demo web server that maybe someone else may learn from. View the INSTALL, README and CHANGELOG included with the source for details on other enhancements.
afws-0.5.tar.gz source

KbLED – A C++ class that manipulates the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock LEDs on a keyboard. Only works on Linux. View the README file for more information. NOTE: This was built many years ago, and I’m not sure if this still works.
KbLED.tar.gz source 2.5 kb

Sniper – A windows application which reveals the text under the **** for some older applications. Basically this application shows the windows title and text value of any object the mouse cursor runs over. I wrote this because a friend didn’t believe me that it was possible.  Built with Visual C++ 6.0. This was written back in the Windows XP days, and this probably no longer works.
sniper-1.0.exe windows binary 120 kb source 29.8 kb

clipper – Extracts audio clips from mp3 files. Extract by a time interval or byte interval. Also returns mp3 header info using the mp3info class below.
clipper-0.1beta.tar.gz source 6.0 kb

mp3info – C++ class for retrieving MPEG header information, view the README included with source for details.
mp3info-0.1.tar.gz source 4.45 kb


phpCrypt – An open source PHP encryption library written purely in PHP. Requires no external php modules. Please visit the phpCrypt project page for more information.

Socialite. A WordPress Plugin – The WordPress plugin is no longer actively maintained. Due to time restrictions, and other priorities in my life I have decided to abandon the project. Since it’s release other developers have created similar WordPress plugins, and I would recommend you look into one of those. The Socialite project page is still available for you to view.

SMTP class – PHP class that implements the SMTP protocol (RFC821), view the README included with source for details.
smtp_php-1.0.tar.gz source 3.71 kb

PHPFtp – An FTP client written in PHP. Try the demo
phpftp.tar.gz source


Some Game – A version of that cheap plastic game you used to get as party favors as a kid. Netscape 6.x, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Play the Demo
game-1.1.tar.gz source 67.1 kb

Mine Hunt – A JavaScript version of the game MineSweeper thats on most computers. It’s a little slow at loading, so give it a little time. Yes, the directions say to ‘right click’, you are suppose to ‘left click’, and yes I’m a dork. I’ll fix it later …
(Mozilla,Netscape 6.x, Internet Explorer) Play the Demo
mine_hunt-1.0.tar.gz source 7.3 kb