I signed up for Netflix yesterday so I could use their ‘Watch Instantly’ feature from my laptop. Turns out it’s some what of a disappointment, mostly because the Microsoft Silverlight software you are required to download and use is total crap. The movies are choppy, im getting around 5 fps, however the sound is ok. At first I thought it was just my computer, I checked to make sure I met the system requirements, and I did. After searching the web I discovered many people complaing about the same thing, turns out Microsofts Silverlight software just isn’t up to the task. No surprise there.

I decided to give the ‘Watch Instantly’ feature a try on my iPad, and it did work suprisingly well, though I don’t want to watch all movies from my iPad. I’d have to say that if you plan to watch Netflix from a Netflix enabled device such as a blueray player, dvd player, xbox 360, iPad or some other device that does not require Microsoft Silverlight, then this service may be ok. However I would try a different movie sevice if you plan to watch on your PC or Mac.