I picked up the keyboard dock for the iPad, and downloaded the iPad WordPress app so I can update my many websites running WordPress. So far I’m impressed, it seems to be working really well. The only thing I’m going to have to get use to is not having a mouse, and instead touching the screen to move around. Having a keyboard is way more useful and efficient than trying to type up long blog posting using the iPad screen keyboard. If you have an iPad, I highly recommend the keyboard dock.

Happy Fathers Day

June 20th, 2010 No Comments

To all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!

I signed up for Netflix yesterday so I could use their ‘Watch Instantly’ feature from my laptop. Turns out it’s some what of a disappointment, mostly because the Microsoft Silverlight software you are required to download and use is total crap. The movies are choppy, im getting around 5 fps, however the sound is ok. At first I thought it was just my computer, I checked to make sure I met the system requirements, and I did. After searching the web I discovered many people complaing about the same thing, turns out Microsofts Silverlight software just isn’t up to the task. No surprise there.

I decided to give the ‘Watch Instantly’ feature a try on my iPad, and it did work suprisingly well, though I don’t want to watch all movies from my iPad. I’d have to say that if you plan to watch Netflix from a Netflix enabled device such as a blueray player, dvd player, xbox 360, iPad or some other device that does not require Microsoft Silverlight, then this service may be ok. However I would try a different movie sevice if you plan to watch on your PC or Mac.

Mercedes SLK230 K40 RelayChances are if you found this page you’ve encountered the dreaded Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 K40 relay problem. For those of you that are not familiar with the K40 Relay, it basically controls throttle response, fuel management, and your fuel pump. I also read some where that it has something to do with emissions, I’m not 100% sure, but I do know how to fix it!

You’ll know if you have the K40 Relay problem by the following symptoms:

  • Your car is not running great, the throttle is not responsive
  • When you turn the car off, you smell the faint smell of gasoline
  • Your check engine light is on
  • The error codes causing your check engine light are the following: P1235, P1236, P1420, P1525 (you need a code reader to determine this)

The bad news is that if you are to take your car to the shop to have this fixed, the part alone is several hundred dollars plus the labor for them to repair it and you’ve got yourself one expensive problem. The good news though, is that this problem is relatively easy to fix if you know how to use use solder and a soldering iron.

I have successfully repaired this on my own 1999 Mercedes SLK230, and it took me under an hour to do. It’s really not that complicated. The tools you need are:

  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small flat head screw driver
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Your hands and a little patience

Fortunately for you, I have step by step directions on how to repair the Mercedes SLK230 Relay problem in my photo gallery. Give it a visit and you can save yourself several hundreds dollars by doing it yourself!

For the past few weeks, when I booted into Windows XP on my laptop I would be frustrated because as I would type, keystrokes would be ignored for no apparent reason. There was no pattern to which keys would get ignored, it seemed completely random.

I run a dual boot system, so I also have Mandriva Linux on my laptop, which I use as my main operating system. I do not have this problem when I’m booted into Linux, so I knew the problem had to be Windows XP related.

Of course, this revelation also worried me, because I began to think I had some how got a virus, spyware, keylogger or some other nasty thing installed on my computer.

For weeks I ran all kinds of programs to ensure I did not have malware on my computer, everything from AVG antivirus, to Adaware, Spybot Search & Destroy, and all other recommendations I could find on the internet. Ever scan came back clean, and I was not infected with anything.

What could be causing my keystrokes to be randomly ignored? I started to think I might have a process or service running that was buggy. So I slowly and painfully disabled every non essential service, and started uninstalling all software. I even went as far as to start killing processes in the task manager that showed CPU usage as I was typing in notepad hoping I could catch a program that was trying to intercept my keystrokes.

Nothing worked, no matter what I deleted, uninstalled, or what process I killed the problem remained.

Tonight, out of pure frustration and one step away from wiping my Windows install and reinstalling it all, I did one last Google search. This time I search specifically for this problem on HP Pavilion zd8000 laptops. Low and Behold, I found a forum with other Pavilion zd8000 users having the same problem!

As it turns out, the faulty battery in my laptop, which died and quit holding a charge well over a year ago was the cause of the problem. The forum was filled with people saying to just pull the battery out and run the laptop off the a/c adapter only. That wouldn’t be a problem since my battery has been dead for so long I’ve been running only on the a/c adapter anyway.

After doing removing the battery, my keystrokes are back and working as normal! I figure it must be some Windows XP service that is trying to monitor the battery that is causing the keystroke hiccup (that doesn’t really make sense, but this is Windows we are dealing with, so go figure), but as of yet I haven’t found a way to solve the problem without removing the battery.

As long as the battery is out of the laptop though, I am typing like a champ!

I know a lot of you have been reporting problems with Socialite, either it is partially working, or not working at all. I haven’t abandoned the plugin, I’m just extremely busy running two seperate businesses, I haven’t had time to go in and relase a new update.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I am pleased with the popularity of the plugin, and realize I owe it to all those who have asked politely for me to support it and getting it working with the latest version of wordpress.

This weekend I plan to set aside some time to get it working again. Please bear with me for just another day or two, and I’ll get something working for everyone again.

Today, I have finally released the first version of Socialite, a WordPress plugin to publish WordPress posts to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This first version is very much beta. It’s only been tested on Wordprss 2.7, though I think it will work on all versions starting with Version 2.3.

This plugin hasn’t been tested to heavily, so please notify me if you encounter any problems, and I’ll continue to work to get this to a stable version of 1.0.

Go download it now!

I rarely blog about sports, ok I rarely blog period, I know. Tonight I watched the Affliction: Banned MMA fight with Fedor Vs. Tim Sylvia. I’m a big MMA fan, you wouldn’t know it by reading my blog though.

If there was any doubt by anyone in the world that Fedor is not the greatest MMA fighter of all time, tonights fight shut up all the skeptics. He took down Tim Sylvia standing up with several punches to the head, then used a Rear Naked Choke hold to win the fight. All in 36 seconds.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

You read me correctly, 36 SECONDS!

Let’s not forget Sylvia was a former 2 time UFC heavyweight champion. He’s not just your average ho-hum fighter. Fedor didn’t even break a sweat. In fact, he didn’t even look excited he won. I suspect, and this is just my personal opinion, that when he was throwing punches at Sylvia, Fedor was thinking about the resturant he wanted to take his wife too. Once he got to the choke hold, he was debating between Steak or Chicken.

Honestly, it’s like Fedor doesn’t even have to try. Did anyone see him playing poker with his training staff during the opening fights! Normal people like you and I walk out side to our cars, or take a piss in the toilet, and don’t think anything of it, its just another day. Fedor walks into the ring with 200+ pound guys and thinks nothing of it, its just like getting into his car or taking a piss. It’s all part of the average day.

I know, I sound like a fan boy, I don’t care. What he did tonight was truly inspiring. For all those who want to see Fedor lose, your day will come … maybe. Even the best fighters get old, or lose the fire inside them. The good fighters know when to quit while on top. Others (ie. Mike Tyson) seem to be too caught up in there celebrity to realize this.

I think Fedor will continue to dominate until the day he knows he can no longer compete like he does now, and will retire while on top. However, I suspect we won’t be seeing that happen for many many years.

Anyone sitting on edge for the future Fedor vs. Randy Couture fight!?

After the passing of Spot back in May, my girlfriend Emily and I decided it was time for a new companion. Today we picked up our 12 week old Bengal Cat Max (I nicked named him McLovin when Emily is not around!).

For those who don’t know what a Bengal Cat is, it’s a cross breed between a wild Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic house cat. Max is around a 7th generation, which means he is about 7 times removed from the actual wild Asian Leopard. However he retains the wild looking features and markings. Bengal cats are known for their very ‘dog’ like personalities. They are very different from a common domestic cat!

RIP Spot

May 10th, 2008 No Comments

For those that don’t know, Spot passed away this morning at 4am after having surgery the day before. She had liver disease.

RIP Spot. You were a great cat, and my best friend.