Socialite, a WordPress plugin for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace

Socialite. A WordPress Plugin.

This project is no longer maintained and is not active. Due to other priorities in my life I know longer have the time to update and maintain Socialite. Since creating this plugin, several other people have developed their own versions of this plugin. Search the WordPress plugins website for an alternative. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Socialite is a WordPress Plugin that allows WordPress to publish posts to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. It’s open source (using GPL version 3) and free to use. Each social networking site can be individually configured to fit your needs. View the version history at the bottom of this page, or click the link below for the latest version. Please note that the MySpace module requires you to have the cURL functions available in PHP. The other modules will work without cURL however. Also note that Socialite requires PHP 5.0.0 or greater.

Download the Latest Version


Dec. 22, 2009 – A bug fix update was released today, version It addresses several issues reported by users. If you are having problems posting to Facebook, please read FAQ below.

Nov 19, 2009 – Over the past week I have released several updates. The latest version is Several bug fixes as reported by users. Added new URL Shortening services. Posts can now be displayed on Facebook as a Status, or as a Link on your Wall. The Facebook option now allows you to post to fan pages as well as your personal page. Many other updates.

Mar 21, 2009 – Released version 0.2. I’ll let this one stay for a while before releasing any new features. Of course I’ll keep fix bugs if there are any.

Mar 20, 2009 – I added a check to make sure the server this plugin runs on is using PHP 5.0.0 or greater.

Mar 14, 2009 – After a week of frustration and hair loss, I have finally completed version 0.1 of my latest open source project, Socialite.

Installation Instructions

1) Socialite is distributed in zip compression format. Download and Unpack
file. A a folder called socialite should have been created.

2) Move the socialite folder into your WordPress plugins directory, which is located at wp-content/plugins. When you have done this, you should have a the folder wp-content/plugins/socialite

3) Log into WordPress as an administrator or as a user that can activate
Wordpress plugins. Go to the Plugins menu and activate the Socialite plugin.

4) Almost Done! As the administrator, go to the Settings WordPress Menu,
and click on the Socialite menu option. Complete the Socialite Configuration
form for all the options you want set, and click on save at the bottom of the

5) Now if you are feeling generous, there is a Donation link on the right hand
side of the Socialite Configuration page. I’m a struggling free lance programmer
and develop and maintain this plugin in my spare time. Any amount you can
donate will help, even if its enough for me to pick up a value meal at a fast
food resturant so I can continue working on this plugin through the night into
the next morning! It also helps the server fee which hosts this plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use all three Social Networking sites at once?
No. You can turn Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace on or off as you wish.

Does the plugin publish the entire post, or an excerpt?
Twitter only allows a one line story of 140 characters to be posted. This can be configured by you.

Facebook will allow you to post the title, the link, and any additional text you wish to add. This is configurable by you.

MySpace allows you to post anything you want, the full story, the excerpt, both, or neither!

Does the Facebook module allow me to post to my profile page or fan page?
As of Socialite 0.2.4 Socialite now allows you to post to Facebook fan page, or your personal Facebook page. This can be set up after entering your login information for Facebook in the Socialite configuration screen. Please note that in order to post to a page other than your personal profile page, you must be an admin of the page. Also note that when you are following the steps to activate your Facebook login for Socialite, the Facebook authentication steps will ask you which pages you wish to enable Socialite on. It is important you enable Socialite on the page(s) you intend to publish to, otherwise it will appear as though Socialite is not working. You can always click the ‘Reset Facebook Login’ button in the Socialite configuration screen to start the Facebook authentication process over if you made a mistake.

Status updates and/or Links are not posting to the Facebook Wall
It appears Facebook has implemented some kind of content filter. Some URLs are blocked
by Facebook with no rhyme or reason, this may include some URL Shortening URLs. If you
are having trouble posting to Facebook, try changing the URL Shortening Service you are
using or uncheck the Shorten URLs option under the Facebook Options in Socialite.

Can I configure the way the published post looks on each site?
Yes. Socialite has templates you set up in the Configuration screen that allows you to set up how your post will look on each social networking site.

What version of PHP will this plugin work with?
PHP 5.0.0 and later is supported. PHP 4 will not work. If you are getting parse errors when you attempt to use this plugin, it is because you are not using PHP5.

Are there any special PHP modules I need installed?
The MySpace module requires you to have cURL installed for PHP. Please read for more information.

The Twitter and Facebook modules do not require any additional PHP modules.