Today, I realized something. The easter bunny is scary.

Some people don’t like clowns. Some people think Santa clause is scary. I can see thier concerns. However, I don’t think many people put thought into the dangers of the Easter Bunny. Let’s analyze him:

– He’s a 6ft tall walking rabbit
– He has 2 sharp protruding teeth, which he is always showing through his menacing smile
– He decorates and hides eggs for little children.
– Rabbits don’t lay eggs.
– Where do the eggs come from? They come from the chickens! What kind of deal did the chickens make with the Easter Bunny?
– If you were tasked with decorating and hiding eggs to small children all over the world, would you be happy and running around with a big furry smile on your face? I think not. So why is the Easter Bunny happy? Shouldn’t he be bitter?
– When you see the easter bunny up close, and he talks, what do you notice? He has no facial expressions. His mouth does not move. Eyes are staring back at you from within his mouth. THAT IS SCARY.

Now, lets pretend for just one minute tha the Easter Bunny is indeed not real. Maybe that makes him less scary ….Review Android Smartphone

No, not at all. If anything it’s worse. Now you are dealing with a full grown adult who’s sole purpose is to dress up in a costume to do all the things I mentioned above.The thoughts that go through that person’s head can not be pleasant.

The Easter Bunny is scary.